North City Pure Water Project

The North City Pure Water Project was reviewed by the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group on October 16, 2017. The Site Development Permit was approved unanimously, and there was an informational update on the Pump Station and Pipeline Project. The following information came from Keli Balo, Project Officer with the City of San Diego Public Utilities Department:

Map showing pipeline route through Mira Mesa.

Select sheets from the 90% design plans.

The North City Project is the first phase of the Pure Water Program which would use advanced water purification technology to produce 30 MGD of potable recycled water.   The North City Project consists of the construction and operation of a new purified water facility, upgrades to an existing water reclamation plant, and design and construction of new pump stations and pipelines. The North City Project would construct the North City Pure Water Facility (NCPWF) adjacent to the existing North City Water Reclamation Plant (NCWRP). Upgrades would occur at the existing NCWRP in order to provide sufficient tertiary influent for the Pure Water Facility.   Pump station and pipeline facilities would convey different types of flows to and from the treatment facilities for: (1) diverting additional wastewater flows to the reclamation plant, (2) conveying recycled water to the Pure Water Facility, (3) conveying purified water to a reservoir, and (4) transporting waste flows (brine and sludge) from treatment processes to solids handling facilities or back into the Metro System. Upgrades would occur at the Metro Biosolids Center (MBC) to handle the additional brine and sludge produced by the additional treatment and advanced water purification process. From the Pure Water Facility, purified water would be piped to a reservoir where it would blend with local runoff and imported supplies to add to the multiple barrier treatment approach through the use of an environmental buffer (time and distance prior to entering a drinking water treatment facility). The water would then receive an additional round of treatment at a potable water treatment plant before being distributed as potable water.

The North City Project is comprised of many components which can be broken down into multiple features:

Morena Pump Station (MPS)
Wastewater Force Main and Brine Conveyance (Morena Pipelines)
North City Water Reclamation Plant (NCWRP) Expansion and Influent Conveyance
North City Pure Water Facility (NCPWF)
North City Pure Water Pump Station (NCPWPS)
North City Pure Water Pipeline (NCPWPL)
Metro Biosolids Center (MBC) Improvements
Miramar Water Treatment Plant (Miramar WTP) Improvements
North City Power Generation Facility and Landfill Gas Line

The North City Project features located within the Mira Mesa Community Planning Area include the pure water pipeline.  The new pipeline would carry purified water from the North City Pure Water Facility to the Miramar Reservoir.  The pipeline would travel east primarily along Miramar Road.  Please see select sheets from the 90% design plans which show the pipeline alignment in plan and profile as well as a street resurfacing plan.

There are no direct impacts to environmentally sensitive lands for the project features within your planning area.  The Development Services Department is considering the issuance of one SDP for the entire North City Project which includes all of the features listed above.

A draft EIR has been prepared and is currently out for public review.  Please find the draft CEQA document at the following link:

Additional information about the Pure Water Program can be found here:

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