Marijuana Production Facilities Proposed

At the January 2018 meeting of the Mira Mesa Community Planning Group, there were presentations by 15 Marijuana Production Facilities (MPFs) that are proposed within the industrial elements of the Mira Mesa Community. This is just the first batch. More are proposed that will come up later. Marijuana Production Facilities are not retail outlets where individuals go to purchase Marijuana, but rather facilities that grow, process and package Marijuana for distribution and sale by retail outlets. City regulations limit the total number of MPFs in the City to 40, however restrictions on where they can be located limit them to a few parts of the City, so proposals are concentrated in the Miramar and Sorrento Mesa industrial areas in the Mira Mesa Community, and also in the Sorrento Valley industrial area in the Torrey Pines community. The minutes of the January 2018 meeting contain a summary of issues identified with the MPFs at that meeting.

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